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Star Struck by Dr. David Bradstreet & Steve Rabey

Dr. David Bradstreet wants to know how many Christians actually see astronomy as a way to study God's creation. As a Christian astronomer, he studies the stars in awe of God's work. In Star Struck, he and writer Steve Rabey take us on a tour of our galaxy, and beyond, showing us that science and… Continue reading Star Struck by Dr. David Bradstreet & Steve Rabey


Reading Update

My last review was on 7/31/16. It's been a while. The last couple of months have seen me sick off and on, and I started a book just before I got sick that is over 600 pages. So, not feeling like reading combined with a chunker means I'm still reading that book. Good news is… Continue reading Reading Update

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Lethal Harvest by William Cutrer & Sandra Glahn

Tim Sullivan is a brilliant scientist who specializes in embryology. When his car skids off of an icy D.C. road into the Potomac River, his widow, Marnie, and his business partner, Ben McKay are left behind to discover Tim's secret research. More and more questions arise, and the pair must figure out what Tim was… Continue reading Lethal Harvest by William Cutrer & Sandra Glahn

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God and Stephen Hawking by John C. Lennox

      Lennox's book, God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design is it Anyway?, is a direct response to the latest book by scientist Stephen Hawking, called The Grand Design. Lennox uses his own knowledge of science and mathematics, as well as the knowledge of other highly regarded scientists, to refute the ideas presented in The Grand… Continue reading God and Stephen Hawking by John C. Lennox

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The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking

   The Grand Design is the first major work from Stephen Hawking in nearly ten years. With this new book, he sets out to answer the following questions: 1) Why is there something rather than nothing? 2) Why do we exist? 3) Why this particular set of laws and not some other? We are promised… Continue reading The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking

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Galileo by Mitch Stokes

     One of the books in the Christian Encounters series published by Thomas Nelson, Mitch Stokes's Galileo is a thorough biography of the career and personal life of Galileo Galilei. Drawing upon several historical sources, Stokes separates fact from legend and gives us insight into one of the most important figures in the world of science.… Continue reading Galileo by Mitch Stokes