Support Christian Fiction Writers

Part of my mission as a writer and reader of Christian fiction is to help promote it and the wonderful people who write it.

The BEST way to do that is to share their work with you. But I can’t read it all! And I can’t review books I haven’t read.

My solution? #SupportChristianFictionWriters

This is a hashtag I started on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I would LOVE to see it grow. So, please, anytime you hype a Christian novel or a Christian writer… TAG IT! I want to find it.

I’ll also be sharing stuff here. I have special Q&A’s for authors with New Releases and books that are Coming Soon. So, you’ll see a posts for those from time to time. You may even see a Q&A for an unpublished writer.

All Support Christian Fiction Writers posts can be found by clicking here. Let’s make it grow!