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Awake & Alive to Truth by John L. Cooper

When a rock and roll front man releases a book, you don't expect it to be on theology. Life on the road? Sure. The ups and downs of fame? Absolutely. Finding truth in a postmodern world? Not so much. But that's what John Copper has given us, and it is awesome! The Christian world has… Continue reading Awake & Alive to Truth by John L. Cooper

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The Weaver Trilogy by Lindsay A. Franklin

I normally review books in a series one-by-one. Even if they're all published, that's the norm for me. Not so with this series. Why? It's AMAZING! I didn't want to take the time to try to sort through what I thought about it. I just wanted to keep reading! It has been quite a while… Continue reading The Weaver Trilogy by Lindsay A. Franklin

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The Prince of Spies by Elizabeth Camden

The Prince of Spies, book 3 of Camden's Hope & Glory series, is the best in the series! This novel follows Delacroix sibling Luke and his star-crossed romance with Marianne. Unlike the romances in the other two novels in the series, Luke and Marianne are more evenly matched in their personalities, but circumstances threaten to keep… Continue reading The Prince of Spies by Elizabeth Camden

Author Q&A, New Release

New Release: Take Flight

For today's New Release, author T. E. Price tells us about her newest book, Take Flight. This sophomore novel was released on 6/15/21, published by Morgan James Publishing. Tell us a little about your novel.Hallie McClain’s struggle with fight-or-flight has become real as her life spirals out of control. After a brush with death at… Continue reading New Release: Take Flight

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A Gilded Lady by Elizabeth Camden

The second novel of Camden's Hope and Glory series, A Gilded Lady follows Caroline, the younger sister of Gray, the male lead of The Spice King. We met Caroline in the first novel, and her characterization is well-continued here. Especially her loyalty to her brother, Luke. The new addition is Nathaniel. He's been assigned to… Continue reading A Gilded Lady by Elizabeth Camden

Author Q&A, coming soon

Coming Soon: No Journey Too Far

Today we're introducing No Journey Too Far, a new novel by Carrie Turansky. This sequel to her novel No Ocean Too Wide releases on 6/8/21, and is published by WaterBrook Multnomah. SPOILER ALERT: Because this is a sequel, some of the author's answers to the questions about the book may be a bit spoilerish regarding… Continue reading Coming Soon: No Journey Too Far


Instagram Celebration Giveaway

I recently passed 400 followers on Instagram, and I wanted to do a little bit of a celebration. As a thank you for following me, I’m doing a BOOK GIVEAWAY! It’s exclusively on Instagram for my Insta followers. But there’s a twist… The winner gets to choose the book they want from some of the… Continue reading Instagram Celebration Giveaway

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Making Time

Making time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually make time? A lot of writers struggle to make time to write. At the very least, we struggle to make the time to write consistently. My biggest writing obstacle is that I have a full time job that requires a lot of critical thinking and… Continue reading Making Time

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The Spice King by Elizabeth Camden

The cover alone on this one intrigued me. When I saw that it was a series, I knew I had to give it a shot. I was not disappointed. The male lead, Gray, is one of those characters that I just fall for. He's serious, he's reserved, but there's something underneath that can be drawn… Continue reading The Spice King by Elizabeth Camden

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Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Fantasy novels are one of my top three favorite genres. I love getting lost in a completely different world. Brandon Sanderson's Elantris is one of the best I've ever read. The fact that this was a debut novel blows my mind. The story, the characters, every little detail seems to be woven in with a… Continue reading Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Author Q&A, New Release

New Release: Hope Between the Pages

Today we're taking a look at Pepper Basham's new novel, Hope Between the Pages. Released on April 1, 2021, Hope Between the Pages is the latest novel in the multi-author Doors to the Past series from Barbour Publishing. Let's jump right in! Tell us a little about your new novel. Clara Blackwell helps her mother… Continue reading New Release: Hope Between the Pages