Excited for 2023!

Goodbye 2022! Hello 2023!

I don’t do resolutions. They have a tendency to be vague and not stick for more than a month, if they get that far. I do goals instead, and there are several things I’m excited for in 2023!

First, a look back.

Writing – In 2022, I attended my first writer’s conference, Realm Makers. I got some great feedback on what I have on my novel so far, and I started to move toward making some changes, but life (specifically work and illness) made it hard for me to do much work on my novel.

Genealogy – Several years ago I did the Ancestry DNA kit, and found that I have more than 75% French DNA. I always knew it was high, but I have other nationalities, so I didn’t think any one in particular would be that high. Finding this out made me want to learn more about French history. I gathered a list of books, and found The French History Podcast. I began listing to the podcast, but haven’t yet read any of the books. I also decided to learn the French language. I downloaded Duolingo around August, and I’ve been doing pretty well with that.

Productivity – Last year I began to take productivity more seriously. I need to plan and follow through better if I’m going to have a full-time job, write a novel, and have other interests. I joined Reagan Rose’s Redeeming Productivity Academy. It’s been a huge encouragement and great resource over the last few months, and essential in my planning for 2023.

Reading – I read 25 books and met my reading challenge goal, but I didn’t review many of them here.

My One Word for 2022 was Purpose, and I believe I’ve figured mine out.

Now, looking forward to 2023!

Writing – In the new year, I plan on attending Realm Makers again. It was an amazing experience with amazing people and instructors. My goal this year is to have my first draft complete.

Genealogy – I’m ready to really dive into French history now. I have several books lined up to read. I’m sure I won’t get through them all this year, but I’d like to read at least two of them. I’m also continuing my French language learning with Duolingo. My goal there is to complete at least French Foundations 1 in the program.

Something new – I picked up the violin again after 15 years! My goal is to get at least to where I was before I stopped playing by the end of the year.

Productivity – I’ll be continuing my productivity journey, integrating it into my work and personal life.

Reading – I’m setting my reading goal at 24 books this year, and I’ve worked out a bit of a rotation to make sure I don’t focus my reading too heavily on only one area.

  • 1 novel for Lorehaven Review Team
  • 1 book for pleasure
  • 1 book on French History
  • continually read a second book on productivity, management, or leadership

This may have to be thrown aside sometimes to keep up with day-to-day life and necessary reading, but it should get me through the year with a bit of structure.

I also made a list of six books that I will definitely read this year for learning or personal growth in certain topics.

  • Music Theory for the Violin by Lamont Wilson
  • Stolen Focus by Johann Hari
  • Redeeming Productivity by Reagan Rose
  • A History of France by John Julius Norwich
  • Vulnerable by Raleigh Sadler
  • Elite Communication Skills for Young Professional by Ty Hoesgen

My biggest and most important goal, as it is every year, is to grow closer to God. Glorifying Him is at the center of each of my goals for 2023.

That’s my new year!

Actually, that’s part of my new year. I have a few more personal and work goals that I didn’t share here. I’ll be a very busy bee!

What about you? What are your goals for 2023? What are you excited for in the new year? Leave a comment to share!

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