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Oathbound by Victoria McCombs

Move over Pirates of the Caribbean! I think I have a new favorite pirate tale!

Victoria McCombs’s Oathbound is the first book in her new series The Royal Rose Chronicles, and it is an excellent start!

I was drawn in from the very beginning by the main characters, Emme and Arn, a girl who wants nothing to do with pirates, and her good friend… a pirate captain. These are both likable and intriguing characters, as are the others in the story, and their journey is both emotional and adventurous. It’s about more than treasure. They both have secrets. They are both trying to save their lives by risking them.  

Secrets and ambition are predominant themes, as is friendship, family, and trust. The act of oathbinding is so creative, and it speaks to the dangers of aligning yourself with certain people, no matter the situation.

There is pirate-typical violence, as well as a kind of dark magic. But, overall, this is a clean YA-friendly novel that can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike.

Oathbound released on 2/15/22, and I already can’t wait for the next one!

5 stars!

Where to buy the book: ChristianBook | Amazon | B&N

Learn more about Victoria McCombs: Website

I received an electronic copy of this book as a gift for participating on Enclave Publishing‘s Street Team. I was not required to read or review this book.

3 thoughts on “Oathbound by Victoria McCombs”

  1. Sounds interesting. I will have to check it out…
    Have you read any books by Roseanna White? Historical fiction, adventure, romance. Good clean writing. (She has one with a pirate-related theme.) She is very good.


      1. I follow her and she sends great emails! Extra interesting and fun info, Word of the week, hunt through the pages, sneak peeks for coming novels, and lots more. She’s very interactive and a great author.

        Liked by 1 person

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