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That Pale Host by L. G. McCary

“One need not be a chamber to be haunted…”

McCary’s psychological thriller is a wonderful blend of family drama and supernatural suspense.

After a difficult delivery, Charlotte and her husband bring home their new baby girl. But something is different. Charlotte’s nightmares are seeping into her waking hours as she catches images at the edges of her vision. As time goes on, the sense of someone watching her grows, and the specter begins to take shape. Either the desperate figure is trying to tell her something, or Charlotte is losing her mind.

This novel left me pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I absolutely loved it. The emotion builds steadily toward the climax, and more than delivers. I spent the last few chapters with my hand over my mouth and tears in my eyes. There’s an urgent sense of desperation, but also a strong sense of hope, laced throughout the story as Charlotte struggles to keep her family, her faith, and her mind from falling apart.

5 stars!

Where to buy the book: CBD | Amazon | B&N

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