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Awake & Alive to Truth by John L. Cooper

When a rock and roll front man releases a book, you don’t expect it to be on theology. Life on the road? Sure. The ups and downs of fame? Absolutely. Finding truth in a postmodern world? Not so much. But that’s what John Copper has given us, and it is awesome!

The Christian world has been hit in the last few years with popular youth pastors, worship leaders, and CCM artists leaving the faith. The increasingly popular “deconstruction” movement is gaining traction as people who once proclaimed faith in Jesus Christ now deny the true faith for a social gospel… or no gospel at all.

Awake & Alive is Cooper’s response. The Skillet front man shares his stories of temptation to compromise in the music industry, as well as the things that shaped his faith. If the question of the deconstruction movement is “what is truth?” this book is Cooper’s answer. Solid Biblical arguments, and Cooper’s relatable voice (he hates math… I can roll with that) make this a great read.

You can also hear Cooper speak on this topic and more on his podcast, Cooper Stuff. Definitely worth a listen! And don’t forget to check out his band, Skillet. I’ve been a fan since 2006. They still rock.

5 stars.

Where to buy the books: Amazon | Cooper’s Website

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