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The Prince of Spies by Elizabeth Camden

The Prince of Spies, book 3 of Camden’s Hope & Glory series, is the best in the series!

This novel follows Delacroix sibling Luke and his star-crossed romance with Marianne.

Unlike the romances in the other two novels in the series, Luke and Marianne are more evenly matched in their personalities, but circumstances threaten to keep them apart.

I think what makes this book so great is that Luke’s story has been woven into each of the three novels. We’ve gotten to know Luke over the course of the series, and this final novel brings him even more into the spotlight. He is an amazingly interesting and charming character! The constant pull between scoundrel and changed man, and his passion for both his cause and for Marianne, makes him almost irresistible.

This was a wonderful end to a great series. I highly suggest it. Just don’t be surprised when you add Luke to your book boyfriend list.

5 stars.

Where to buy the book: ChristianBook | Amazon | B&N

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