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A Gilded Lady by Elizabeth Camden

The second novel of Camden’s Hope and Glory series, A Gilded Lady follows Caroline, the younger sister of Gray, the male lead of The Spice King.

We met Caroline in the first novel, and her characterization is well-continued here. Especially her loyalty to her brother, Luke.

The new addition is Nathaniel. He’s been assigned to run security for President McKinley; a position he didn’t want. Nathaniel is serious, with a past that continues to haunt him, but also with an eye for beauty. So, his attraction to Caroline isn’t surprising, but he can’t come to terms with the fact that she’s hiding something that he worries may harm the President.

This is a great follow-up to The Spice King. Though Gray and Annabelle make an appearance or two, the story definitely centers on Caroline and Nathaniel. Once again, if you love a good historical romance, this is for you. If you love a story where the serious, grumpy one falls for the light-hearted, optimistic one, this is definitely for you.

4 stars.

Where to buy the book: ChristianBook | Amazon | B&N

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