My Words Matter

I’m a hope*writer. My words matter.

It’s a great reminder, because sometimes even the best of us can feel like frauds. Imposter syndrome is real.

This reminder, for me, is two-fold, because my goal is to publish Christian fiction.

My words matter.

But also…

My words matter.

The message I convey has to honor God and His Word. My words matter as a way to point people toward truth. It matters that I get my words right.

Getting to this point in my writing has been a journey for me. I call it My Novel Adventure! I’ve quietly thought about this novel for years. Wrote some of it, put it away, came back to it, started over. It’s been a long process, but I finally feel like I am right where I’m supposed to be with it. And that’s the hope for this hope*writer.

My goals for the near future are to build the world of my fantasy novel, learn the business side of publishing, and embrace the writing community harder than ever!

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