Supporting Christian Fiction Writers

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know I’ve been on a writing adventure, working on my very first novel. I’ve always respected writers and published authors, but (like most things) you never gain full respect for something until you know just how hard it is.

And writing a novel is hard.

As a Christian, I know the need for Christian fiction. It can speak to us on levels that most secular fiction can’t. And, honestly, sometimes we just want to know that we won’t suddenly be slapped in the face with content we find objectionable.

It’s for these reasons that I think it is so, so important to support Christian writers and Christian fiction. So, I’ve created three ways to do that.

Under “Blog Features” on my main menu, you will find three pages. Each is for a writer in a different stage of publishing. I want to help you share your work. So, if you fall into any of the following categories, please consider participating.

Coming Soon – for authors who have a book with a release date within the next three months

New Release – for authors who have a book with a release date within the last three months

Not Yet Published – for writers who currently do not have a contract, and do not plan on self-publishing within the next year

If you know a Christian writer who you think should participate, please share this with them.

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