Slavery Still Exists. Let’s End It.

Slavery still exists. It may not look like the slavery we read about in our textbooks. It’s not legal. But it still exists today as human trafficking.

What is human trafficking?

It is the illegal trade of human beings. It’s the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and for their labor through force, fraud, and coercion.


  • Human trafficking happens in every country
  • Human trafficking targets men, women, and children
    • 73% are females
    • 25 % are children
  • There are several kinds of human trafficking (see graphic)
  • The victim may know their trafficker
  • An estimated 40 Million people are trapped in slavery today
  • You can help – even in small ways works to raise awareness of modern day slavery. You can donate to them to help.

I personally support A21. This organization helps raise awareness, educates the public on how to spot trafficking and report it. They help law enforcement catch and prosecute traffickers. They help victims escape, and survivors recover. Churches can partner with Let My People Go to help fight trafficking, and if you’re a member of a church that belongs to the Southern Baptist Convention, Send Relief has an area of focus on human trafficking.

As long as people are still held in slavery, abolitionists are needed.

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