Join Me On My Journey

Community is important for a writer. Writing is such an isolated task, that we can forget who we’re writing for. The reader. Building a connection can make a big difference to a writer.

Trying to turn writing into a career also takes time and funds. I have the time now. Funds could be better. Funds to cover membership fees for writing communities, writing resources, contest entry fees, blog costs, and (one day) the cost of writing conferences.

To these ends, I want to remind everyone that you can join me on my novel adventure! There are two ways you can show your support.

  1. Ko-Fi is a way to give support in your own way. It allows you to purchase virtual “cups of coffee” for $3 each, on your own timetable, to help support content creators.
  2. Patreon is a more structured support platform. Patreon is also great because it helps build the community. There are support tiers of $2, $5, $10, $15, $25, and $50 per month. Each tier gets an exclusive benefit, from updates on my writing, to access to original fiction/poetry and book giveaways. There’s a sign-up offer available until 10/31. Sign up at any tier, and you’ll be entered to win a hardcover copy of Ted Dekker’s Circle series; one of my favorites of the Christian Fantasy genre.

Writing a novel has been a dream of mine for a long time. Writing this novel has been several years in the making, and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere, thanks to amazing writing resources and the online writing community. But the resources aren’t free, and the reading community is important, too. So, please join me on my novel adventure!

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Unsplash

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