The Reading Rut of 2019

I go through at least one reading rut every year, and I’m currently in one. Part of the reason is that my job is keeping me busy and mentally exhausted. The other reason, I believe, is that I’m reading St. Augustine’s Confessions, which is not light reading. The little bit of time I get to read lately doesn’t allow me to get very far, and after about a month I’m only a little over 30 pages in. So, I’m going to put that book aside for a later time, when work eases up.

For now, I need to feel some accomplishment in reading. I’m going to be reading a short book on prayer, then a novel that I bought a few months ago.


I’m hoping this will break me out of my rut, and that by the time I’m ready to dig back into my reading list work won’t be draining me mentally.

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