A Slight Shift

Right off the bat, let me say that the focus of this blog is not changing. Being a writer, reader, and Christ follower is still what will drive the content here. But I will be making some changes. My personal and professional goals demand it.

But I still want to provide content for you guys. I’d love to provide more and better content! So, changes must come. I have lots of things I want to do, many things right here on this blog, though I’ll be keeping those things quiet for now.

The biggest change will come with book reviews. I am no longer consistently reviewing for any blogging programs or publishers. Aside from the occasional influencer team that may accept me, this means I can read more books that I’m not required to finish before I review. Considering my reading time has been a bit lacking, this is great for me.

How will this effect reviews?

I’m no longer posting a full review of every book I read. Instead, I will post reviews for the books I enjoy. The ones that I want to share with others. Mostly 4- and 5-star rating, but probably even some 3-stars.

What about the books I don’t finish?

If I don’t finish a book, it’s either because I can’t get into it (for a number of possible reasons) or I don’t approve of the content. I will do a Did Not Finish (DNF) post every month or so (depending on how many I have, if any). These posts will provide the book title and author, my rating, and a brief explanation. Just a line or two.

What’s the upside for you?

My hope is that this will allow me more time to focus on positive reviews, giving support to the writing community, and other content involving writing, Biblical studies, and theology. This blog isn’t just a place for me to ramble on. It’s for all who read it. I want to create more for you.

So, drop a comment below, or use the contact form if you prefer. Let me know what you think of the change, and what kind of things you’d be interested in seeing here.

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