The Bullet Journal: To Plan or to Track?

I’ve tried a lot of ways to get myself organized with my writing. Not just in terms of keeping track of ideas and notes, but in terms of making myself sit down and get things done. I was using a Monthly/Daily planner for a while, but I eventually fell away from keeping it up. I was planning out my entire day by the hour, and I felt like it was too rigid for what I was trying to do.

Enter the Bullet Journal. I am brand new to this. I discovered it while looking for planner tips, and put off trying it for a long time because it seemed too involved. But the more I researched, the more I was drawn to how flexible and customizable it is. So, I finally gave in and purchased this lovely little journal.


After looking at tips on what to put inside, I decided to keep mine very simple. I have lots of collections right in front, because I love lists, and it’s honestly how I best organize my thoughts.


The logs, however, are where I cut back. I almost cut the monthly log, but the more I thought about it, it’s the daily log that is unnecessary for me. This journal will be purely for writing and reading. I work a full-time job, so I don’t do a lot of planning during the week as my schedule can vary if I suddenly need to stay an hour or so later at work. A weekly spread seemed to be more beneficial, so I came up with a layout I think will work for me, including a habit tracker.


Unlike most weekly planners, I gave myself more space on the weekend, since this is when most of my writing will be done.

Once I had this in place, I sat to jot down a few tasks to get me started in the coming week, and I blanked. Doubt crept in that I’ll ever find something to truly work for me. Scheduling my writing tasks, at least in detail of what I need to do, just seems so burdensome. I think it’s partially due to the fact that this is my first novel, and I’m trying to take my blog in a new, broader direction. It’s unfamiliar territory. How can I plan the unknown?

As I stared at the blank Monday, I realized I shouldn’t try to plan. What I’ve decided to do instead is use this weekly spread to track what I’ve done. My monthly log with tell me specific items that must be accomplished. My habit tracker tells me what my priorities are. It’s my job to focus and do them, and I’ll keep track of my success with my weekly spread. Did I discover character details? Did I research a post for my blog? I’ll list everything I worked on when I finish for the day.

I’ll be doing this for a while, trying to get the hang of it. I don’t want to judge the progress too soon.

Do you use a bullet journal? How have you customized it to fit your needs?

You can learn about bullet journaling here.


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