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The Dance of Character and Plot by DiAnn Mills


There’s a long-standing argument over which type of story is better: plot-driven or character-driven. The truth is, that either without the other will leave a story flat. The best stories weave character and plot together like a dance that allows them both to shine.

In this book, DiAnn Mills explains how to do that with chapters on characterization, point of view, setting, dialogue, pacing, and more.

I read this book with my novel in mind, and I’ve taken a lot away from it. I’ve dumped things, changed point of view, considered my subplots and minor characters, and so much more. DiAnn Mills knows her craft, and she is eager to share.

While I did discover an editing issue – ironically, it was in the section on editing – it doesn’t take away from the benefits of this book. There is so much information, along with exercises, questionnaires, tips, and suggested reading. You are bound to get something out of it, no matter where you are in your writing journey.

1) Is it understandable = 5
2) Presentation of Information = 5
3) Quality of Writing = 5
4) Overall Enjoyability = 5

Average score of 5 out of 5

Where to buy the book: Amazon | B&N

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