Read Like a Writer

I’m a reader. When I read, I read for entertainment. I love the escape.

But I’m also a writer. Writers need to study the craft. One way to do that is to read like a writer. To that end, I did some research into exactly how one reads like a writer. I discovered this handy little printout from Teaching That Makes Sense. It’s the best at-a-glance resource I found on the topic.


That left one question: What do I read like a writer?

I find my inner writer comes out easily when I’m reading bad writing. I see the obvious mistakes or failings and laser in on them. But that’s not what I want to study. I want to study good writing. I need to study the writing I would love to emulate.

The genre of my WIP is fantasy. It didn’t take me long to decide the novel I was looking for:


Yes, you see two copies of the book there. On the left is my hardcover. The thought of writing in it to make notes broke my heart a little. So, I purchased a paperback copy. It’s so pretty I had second thoughts about writing in that one, too… but I must.

This will be a bit of an adventure for me, and possibly a bit of a struggle. Forcing myself to pick apart the words when all I want to do is fall into them… I think I’m going to have trouble with that. I’ve read this novel twice before, and got lost both times. Maybe the third time will allow me to focus on my purpose.

I may do a follow-up post to share how it’s going.

Here’s to reading like a writer!

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