Reading Preview 3/23/17

Hey guys! I’ll be finishing The Inkblots over the next couple of days. You can look for that review this weekend. In the meantime, I wanted to share what’s coming up.

These will be the next two books I read. I’ve been waiting on Byrd’s new book for almost a year! I’ll be reading Cambron’s book for a review program, but I’m looking forward to it! I loved The Butterfly and the Violin, so I’m going in expecting to enjoy this one.


The next group of books are faith-based, non-fiction works.


Then there are a couple more fiction books on my shelf that I’m anxious to get to.


And the final book for this post (because there are SO many more I want to add) is a book on writing.


What are you guys reading now? Have you read any of the ones on my list? Let me know in the comments.

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