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Newton and Polly by Jody Hedlund


In 1742, John Newton is a young sailor. He is preparing to sail to a new job, secured by his father, when he meets Polly Catlett. Her beauty and voice mesmerize him, and he becomes determined to win her heart. But Newton’s wayward and reckless behavior, and his questioning of God and faith, are concerns for the pious Polly, as well as her parents.

However, with John’s seafaring background, and a war between England and France on the horizon, more than Newton’s failing of character threaten to keep the pair apart.

I loved every moment of this novel. I devoured it. I admit that I knew nothing of John Newton’s life and the events that led to his salvation, and likely the penning of Amazing Grace.

In this novel you will get both earthly romance, and a sense of God’s grace and love. Hedlund tells the tale vividly, and makes the story and the characters come to life. I can see myself reading this book again with just as much fascination as the first time.

In her author’s notes, Hedlund gives the names of the books she relied on in her research, and explains what in her novel was fact, and what was embellished or entirely of her own creation.

I hope to read more about John Newton’s life. And I will surely read more from Jody Hedlund.

1) Overall Plot = 5
2) Characters = 5
3) Flow/Pace of the story = 5
4) Is the story easy to follow? = 5
5) Overall Enjoyability = 5

Average of score 5 out of 5

Where to buy the book: CBDAmazon | B&N

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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