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The Beautiful Pretender by Melanie Dickerson

Dickerson-BeautifulPretenderThe Margrave of Thornbeck has been ordered to find a bride. He invites ten women, suggested by the King for their noble status, to his castle for two weeks. The goal: to get to know their true characters.

Lady Dorothea is one of the women invited, but when circumstances prevent her from attending, her father, the Earl of Plimmwald, must find a solution that will not insult Lord Thornbeck. He sends Avelina, Dorothea’s maidservant, in her place. Her orders are clear: keep her true identity a secret, and make sure the Margrave does not choose her as a bride.

Avelina believes she would never be chosen, so she focuses on not getting caught. Yet, she has unwittingly drawn Thornbeck’s attention, and she finds herself attracted to him in return.

But getting caught may not be the worst thing that could happen to Avelina. As the days go on, she realizes that something is not right in the castle. Rumors abound. But what is true?

This is a very good read! It has mystery and romance, and a surprising bit of action. I wasn’t expecting that. This book is the second in a series. While some characters from the first novel appear in this one, you do not need to read the first. This book stands alone. I do believe I will be reading the first one, though. Great characters. Great plot. It’s a page-turner!

Christian readers especially will enjoy this one. Certain characters have a strong faith, yet it feels very real. They’re not perfect. The romance is also clean, and it sweeps you up into it.

1) Overall Plot = 5
2) Characters = 5
3) Flow/Pace of the story = 5
4) Is the story easy to follow? = 5
5) Overall Enjoyability = 5

Average of score 5 out of 5

Where to buy the book: CBDAmazon | B&N

I received a copy of this book from BookLook in exchange for an honest review.

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