Reading Update

Yesterday I finished my second reading of Ted Dekker’s A.D. 30 (you can read my initial review here) and started book two: A.D. 33. All I’ll say is I’m a little over 50 pages in and I’m loving it.

I’m trying to finish this book as well as Knowing God before next Monday. *hands folded in prayer* There’s no way I’ll be making my 52 books this year, but I’ve done a little better than last year.

We’re coming closer to the end of 2015, and I’m already thinking of the coming new year. I’m still debating if I want to try the challenge again for a few reasons. One of them is reading related, and that is the fact that I have several books that I want to read next year that come in well over 600 pages and I don’t think I can make myself finish those larger books in a week. Just to give you an idea, these are some of those books:

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – I actually started this one earlier this year and stopped because a friend and I started reading another book together. We read a few back to back and I decided to put this one away until later. I haven’t gotten back to it yet, but I will finish it next year.

The Circle Series by Ted Dekker – This is 4 books. My friend that I mentioned above  will be reading this with me for the first time as I re-read. I can’t wait for her to dive into this! And it may take us a while. She’s a busy lady. 🙂

The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe – Last month I saw a movie called Crimson Peak. The movie is amazing! In an interview, the lead male actor, Tom Hiddleston, was asked what books or movies he used as inspiration (the movie is a gothic romance). He mentioned two books by name, this being one of them. But he more than mentioned this one. He discussed a little of how the characters in the story paralleled the characters in the movie. He said it was long, but very good. It got me so intrigued that I purchased the book.

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo – Need I say more?

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – I’ve wanted to read this one for a long time. Next year is the year.

And there are others on my TBR list that are long, but these are the ones that I am most anxious to get to. So, I haven’t decided yet… 52 book challenge? Or no? What do you guys think?

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