Just adding to my pile of books

I always get excited when new books arrive in the mail. Today was double the excitement… I got TWO packages!

The first package was a book I will be reading for review:

The second package was an order from (CBD). They had a sale! Let’s break this down:

The first book is a Ted Dekker co-author that I hadn’t gotten around to buying. I got this one for $2.99… it’s a hardcover.

The next three are softcovers that I’ve had my eye on for a while now. I’ve read The Skin Map by Lawhead, and I really enjoyed it (the next two books in that series are on my shelf… unread as of yet). I’ve never read anything by the other authors, but they seemed interesting.
Briggs-BookOfNames Lawhead-Hook Wise-ShroudedInSilence

The last book I’d never heard of, but the summary seemed interesting, and it was only $0.99. So, why not?

All together, I spent just under *drumroll* $12! And that included shipping. CBD is awesome!

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