A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days by Jonathan Bernis

Bernis-LastDays     While most books about the last days focus on the Rapture of the church and the Tribulation period, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis focuses his attention on signs we can see now that point to the last days, as well as things that need to happen for Jesus to return. Bernis suggests that Israel lay at the heart of the last days and end times prophecies. He provides several Scriptures, from both the Old and New Testaments, in support of this.

The point he focuses on most is the salvation of Israel, as a people. He believes that Jesus will not return until the people of Israel call on Jesus as Messiah. Because of this, he spends a large portion of the book discussing the history of the Jewish people, especially in regard to why they reject Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. He also discusses how to evangelize to a Jewish person, and bring to light several misconceptions that Christians have about Jews, and vice versa.

There were things in this book that I knew already, including the fact that Israel will play a large part in the last days, but I also learned a few things. Scriptures that I didn’t realize were directed to the people of Israel were brought into focus. Some of the misconceptions Christians and Jews have about each other… I never would have guessed some of those.

Overall, this is a very interesting read, but the title is a bit vague. If you are looking for discussion of the Rapture or Tribulation, you won’t find that here.

I give this one 4 out of 5.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book for review purposes from Bethany House.

Where to buy the book: CBDAmazon | B&N

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