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Life’s That Way by Jim Beaver

Beaver-LifesThatWay     Life’s That Way is a collection of nightly email newsletters sent out over a period of one year to family and friends of Jim Beaver to keep them informed about his wife, Cecily Adams, after her diagnosis of lung cancer. After her death, it becomes a way for Jim to express his grief and loss, as well as the pleasures and happiness that come his way. Learning to be a single dad, the loss of his own father, and many ups and downs are shared in this book. Jim is as honest as you can get.

Jim Beaver is an actor and playwright. He is most known for his roles on the tv shows Deadwood and Supernatural. I know him best from Supernatural, as the gruff, but lovable Bobby Singer. As a fan, it was a privilege to read something so personal. Jim’s wife, Cecily Adams, was the daughter of actor Don Adams (Get Smart). She also worked for tv shows such as 3rd Rock from the Sun and That 70’s Show.

I can’t rate this one. I want to say that I “enjoyed” this book, but the word seems wrong. I was extremely touched by it. You don’t have to be a fan of either Jim or Cecily to take something away from this book. You don’t even have to know who either of them are. If you’ve ever lost someone you cared about, or know someone who has, you will understand (perhaps better than you did before, if the loss was not yours).

Below is a video from the CW Source from a book signing. You can hear Jim read an entry from the book, and discuss it a bit in his own words:

You can purchase the book here: Amazon | B&N

Or you can purchase it directly from Jim and get a personalized, signed copy: Life’s That Way

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