The Company by Chuck Graham

     The Last Day: millions are killed when a meteor hits the earth. Those who survived the impact and its aftermath are thrown back into the stone age and covered in darkness as a massive dust cloud permanently fills the sky, blocking all sunlight. The people of Brigon Glen remain mostly untouched and manage to continue to live normally from their own power and supplies. When this power eventually runs out, and with no knowledge of other survivors, they lose hope. Then the Voice comes: “Would you like some help?” Now, seventy years later, six members of the established power company have been called to Farside, the darks lands beyond Brigon Glen from which no one has ever returned, for a conference with the people at the source of the power. No one knows exactly where they are going, or why they were chosen to go, but the road there is dangerous and some wonder if they will return.

Tagged as “A Parable for Our Time,” The Company uses the images of a power company to drive home its point. While I found that the metaphor of the power company broke down at times, it does work on many levels as it is presented in the novel. The reference that stands out most for me is the division of the church. The Brigons are presented with The Plan and an office for distribution of power is put in Brigon Glen. As years pass the people begin to differ in their interpretation of The Plan. They split and two new branches are formed separate from the original, each carrying out their interpretation of The Plan, or ignoring it completely. This power company metaphor also works as an explanation of the Trinity, but I would have to go into far more detail to “summarize” that one.

The first few chapters are very technical as the plans are being laid out and the power company is put into motion, so it was a slow start for me. Overall I enjoyed the metaphors, but I found toward the end that there were some things that just didn’t quite fit with the idea of a company of any kind. There aren’t many characters involved, and I did enjoy the characterizations. I could easily tell who was speaking without being told on each line.

This novel definitely has something to say and I do suggest reading it. As I said, the start is slow, but once they get on the road the pace picks up.

I give this one 3.5 out of 5.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes from LitFuse. Be sure to stop by the other blogs on the tour by visiting this link:

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