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Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle

     “Erasing Hell” is a response to Rob Bell’s “Love Wins.” Chan and Sprinkle delve into the Bible to see what God said about Heaven and Hell. Using Scripture as their main source, they also discuss what ancient Jewish and Christian writers had to say about Hell, as well as more contemporary Christian writers. Their goal is to present the truth, even if it may be hard to take.

Scripturally sound, this book presents Hell as the Bible does. While Biblical authors do not give detailed descriptions of Hell, we are given impressions of what Hell will be like and who will go there. The question is: will you accept it? Francis Chan freely admits that he asked Preston Sprinkle to help him write this book because of the seriousness of the topic and because of Sprinkle’s theological background (PhD in New Testament) and ability (Sprinkle did most of the research). The effort is evident as sources are cited in abundance. This book is the perfect counter to “Love Wins” and Universalism as a whole.

Chan includes a prayer that I think we all should pray as we are likely all guilty of it in some degree:

Please forgive me, Lord, for wanting to erase all the things in Scripture that don’t sit well with me. Forgive me for trying to hide some of Your actions to make You more palatable to the world. Forgive me for trying to make You fit my standards of justice and goodness and love. You are God; You are good; I don’t always understand You, but I love You. Thank You for who You are.

This is by no means an extensive work, but I recommend this book to anyone who has any doubts about the existence of Hell in the afterlife.

5 out of 5.

Where to buy the book: CBD | Amazon | B&N

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