Words Are Cheap, But the Gospel Is Priceless

 If I told you I have a proven way to help share the Gospel, and all I need from you is a small donation, how much would you expect me to ask for? How much would you be willing to give? $100? Too much? Ok, how about $50? Still no? Well, what about $10? $5? How about $1? That’s it… just $1! That’s all Gospel for Asia needs to produce 200 Gospel tracts to give to their missionaries. These tracts are easily portable, and can be passed from person to person. Think of the lives that could be touched by just one tract! Take a minute to read a few stories about people who have come to know Jesus through Gospel tracts:


200 tracts. That’s 200 people hearing the Gospel, possibly for the first time. Now imagine that half of those people pass that tract on, then half of those, and yet half of those. Literally hundreds of people can be reached with the love of Jesus for just $1! Is that worth a dollar? It’s worth SO much more! But it only takes 1… just $1. It’s probably the smallest sacrifice you will ever be asked to make… for something so important.

Please consider donating just $1 to produce 200 Gospel tracts (or even just $5 to produce 1,000 tracts!).

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