More New Books

Considering that one of my goals for 2012 was to read more of the unread books already on my shelf, I think I may be lacking in the self-control department when it comes to books. Within the last couple of weeks I’ve purchased:


I also won a giveaway hosted by Zondervan! Yay!


So much to read… so little time. I’m in the middle of “The Hobbit,” working on my Middle-earth goal. Last year, Tim Challies suggested “The Cross of Christ” as an Easter read, so I’ll be starting that one soon. On Tuesday I attended an online discussion for Michael Williams’ “Jesus Lens,” so I’m eager to read that one as well. In my spare time I’m helping to do transcriptions for a class, which just happens to be Christian Ethics… so I really want to start “Beyond Integrity.” I’m thinking of starting that one right away and treating it as a textbook, reading a “lesson” each day. I’ve recently become very intrigued with Francis Chan so “Crazy Love” is high up on the list, and of course “Bonhoeffer”… well… I don’t know when I’ll get to all these with everything else on my TBR list.

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