Is There Hope for the Women of India?

What would you do if, every day, you were treated as nothing but a possession? What if you were forced to eat last, after your husband and male children, leaving you little food? What if you faced the horror of being burned alive, simply because your dowry is not enough for your new husband… a husband you didn’t even choose? How would you survive if your husband died and society treated you as if you were to blame, making you an outcast and treating you as less than human?

Many women in India don’t need to ask these questions of “what if.” They are living these situations now. They struggle to make enough money to barely feed themselves and their children. Many others find escape the only way they know how… suicide. God has placed a special love in my heart for the people of India, especially her women and children, and I’ve written a couple of posts before about the mistreatment they receive and what is being done in the name of Jesus Christ to help them: Sisters in Faith and Little Girls of India.

Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of the orphans. Fight for the rights of widows. – Isaiah 1:17

The Bible tells us not to look away. We are to help, defend, and fight for these people. Gospel for Asia has provided a way for us to do that. One of the ways they help women is by sending female missionaries into the field. Take a minute to watch the video below:

By sponsoring a missionary you help share the love of God with women who may never hear it otherwise. You give them the hope that only Jesus can offer. You tell them that they are precious, they are loved, and they are worth far more than what they have been told. If you can’t commit to a monthly gift to support a missionary, GFA offers other programs to help women. These programs allow you to give as much and as often as you can:

Women’s Ministry
Women’s Literacy
Widows and Abandoned Children

We need to pray for the women of India, and all of Asia… as there are other countries that treat women as less than men to the point of abuse and death. We need to pray for them to have strength, hope, and courage. We need to pray that they will hear of the One who loves them, and always has, even when society tells them they are unloved. And, if we can, we need to give. Give to the programs that GFA has in place to help these women, and to show them the love of Jesus.

As always, 100% of the money you give to GFA is sent into the field. Click here to read how they do this.

You can read more about women in Asia at the following links:

5 thoughts on “Is There Hope for the Women of India?

  1. Thanks for sharing Jessica. It’s hard to conceive the reality that these women face. Will be praying for them and the missionaries working tirelessly to help them. Sharing with my friends too.


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