Celebrate Christ, Transform Lives

Christmas is only a week away, and everyone is doing last-minute shopping. Searching for that perfect gift for the loved one who already has everything. Giving is great, in any form, but sometimes we need to take a step back and think not just about our family, friends and co-workers, but about those people we will never meet who very desperately need love and support and a way to survive. How can we help those people?

Today I’m talking about the Dalit people of India. The Dalits are at the very bottom of the Hindu Caste System. There are four main castes:

Brahmins – priests and teachers
Kshatriyas – rulers and soldiers
Vaisyas – merchants and traders
Sudras – laborers and servants

The Dalits fall beneath this entire system and are considered less than human. They are forced to work the most demeaning jobs and hard labor for less than a dollar a day. The Indian constitution has outlawed the caste system, reserving almost 25% of government jobs and university spots for the Dalit population, but many of these positions have been left unfilled, or they are being held dishonestly by non-Dalits. The word “dalit” actually translates to “oppressed.”

Of course, it’s always the children that get to me more than anything. These innocent Dalit children are subjected to the same prejudice. They often have to perform hard labor alongside the adults just so the family can barely get by. Many are denied an education at all. Those who are given the opportunity are forced to sit in the back of the classroom. Many of these children will grow up working in the fields of the rich upper caste citizens, never reaping the reward of their hard work. Do you still want to know what you can do to help? I hope you’re ready, because I’m going to ask you to spend a little more money this Christmas, on people you will never meet.

Click on the Christmas Catalog cover to make a donation. Just $11 can provide a family with a pair of chickens that can reproduce and produce eggs that can be sold, giving the family an income. Other animal gifts can provide both food and income for these families. You can donate money to provide rickshaws, sewing machines, fishing nets and other items, all for the purpose of helping these families generate their own income.

When you donate through Gospel for Asia, there are two very important things to remember:

1) 100% of all donations are sent into the field! Click here to read how they make this possible.

2) You are not only giving help, you are giving life. Gospel for Asia shares the love of Jesus with all they help. They are not only meeting physical needs, but spiritual needs as well.

I invite you to check out the entire Gospel for Asia website. Read about all the wonderful things they are doing across Asia, reaching the most unreached. For more information on Dalits please read this National Geographic article or the GFA Dalit page. I also invite you to request a free copy of K. P. Yohannan’s (the founder of Gospel for Asia) books: Revolution in World Missions and No Longer a Slumdog.

*All images and information were obtained from the Gospel for Asia website.

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