To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

     To Kill a Mockingbird is a tale about a small southern town during the 1930’s, told from the perspective of a young girl called Scout. Her world of innocent play and school are suddenly changed when her father is appointed by the court to defend a black man who has been accused of raping a white woman.

Though the trail and its effects are the main plot of the story, and the subject of racial prejudice is often the subject most discussed about this novel, there is far more to it than that. You don’t have to look too deeply to see the hypocrisy of prejudice of any kind, especially coming from a Christian. While the Mission Society women sit around and discuss how to reach out to people of a foreign land they ignore and even accept the injustices at home, largely because they share in the prejudices that cause the injustice. The deeper theme here is love. Not a romantic love, but the love that the Bible speaks of. The “love thy neighbor” love that Jesus himself commands. This love theme is repeated, not just through the story of the trial, but through several events involving different “unlovable” characters. Characters that some would consider “the least of these.” It is definitely worthy of its status as a classic, and I highly recommend it.

1) Overall Plot = 5
2) Characters = 5
3) Flow/Pace of the story = 5
4) Is the story easy to follow? = 5
5) Overall Enjoyability = 5

Average of  score 5
Overall grade = A

Where to buy the book: Amazon | B&N

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