Monday Mash-up 5/16/11

Check out 25 manners every kid should know by age 9… and most adults need to learn these too.

Take a look at the world’s best ruins… including Petra!

This is hysterical! If God had a Facebook, what would his feed look like?

Physicist Stephen Hawking says after-life is just a fairy story. I still don’t understand why so many people think you either believe in God or trust in science… that they can’t mesh. I love science and know we can learn a lot about ourselves and our world with science, but it doesn’t negate my belief in God. It also angers and saddens me that scientists refuse to accept any evidence of anything unless it disproves (at least in their minds) the existence of God. Scientists will say that the world is self-sustaining so it could emerge from nothing and therefore did not need a creator. Does it not occur to them that the world’s creator created it to be self-sustaining? Does it not occur to them that when God created light, it didn’t start at the beginning of its path, but it immediately filled the universe to its fullest function? I believe that God gave us minds to study science as a way of understanding our world, and even Him in a better way. I believe that science if the study of God’s creation functions. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Check out info on public libraries, and find your local library. Go read!

Make sure to watch Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance from 1969, below:

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