Little Girls of India

God must want me focused on this issue because things keep coming up. I read an article on Yahoo today about the treatment of girls in India. The horrible treatment of girls and women in this culture is nothing new to me, but my heart breaks whenever I hear or read about it. I feel like I should be doing something! I should be able to help! This is part of the reason I support Gospel for Asia. They work throughout all of Asia (doing a lot of work in India), bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who may never get to hear it otherwise. I believe this is a large part of the solution. Contrary to popular feminist belief, the Bible does not make a woman a slave of her husband. When God made Eve he didn’t take a bone from Adam’s foot so that Eve would be under him. Nor did He take the rib from Adam’s back so that Eve would be behind him. God took the rib from Adam’s side, for Eve to be Adam’s partner and mate. It’s sort of cliche now, but it’s true nonetheless. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings a woman up where she belongs. So, it’s an important step to helping these women and young girls who are so hated and neglected. These women must know that even if their earthly fathers neglect them, there is a Father in Heaven who loves them more than anything. They must know that even if their earthly fathers don’t care whether they live or die in this life, they have a Heavenly Father who cares whether they live or die both in this life and especialy in the afterlife.

So, I’m going to ask a favor of you now. Please consider donating, even if it’s only this one time (even if it’s only $5), to Gospel for Asia. If you go to their Major Ministries page, the last two options on the page are “Women’s Literacy Program” and “Womens Ministry.” Both of these are so important to these young girls being neglected to death. And pray. Prayer is so important.

Here are a couple of quotes from the Yahoo article:

The starving girls in this hospital ward include a 21-month-old with arms and legs the size of twigs and an emaciated 1-year-old with huge, vacant eyes. Without urgent medical care, most will not live to see their next birthday.

“If a woman has a boy, for a month she will be looked after. If she has a girl, she’ll be back in the fields in three days,” says Sudha Misra, a local social worker.

A 2007 study by the rights group ActionAid India found that gender ratios were worse in urban areas, and that sex-selective abortions were more common among wealthier and higher-caste people who could afford ways to learn the gender of fetuses.

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