Sisters in Faith

Earlier this  month I reviewed a book called Half the Church by Carolyn Custis James. In her book, James reaches out to the women of the west to take their rightful places in the Church of God, not inferior or superior to men, but as equals; a different gender with different things to offer as we all reach toward a common goal, which is building God’s kingdom, sharing our faith with others. This is something we should work toward accomplishing, but there are two sides to every coin. James wrote to women of the west, but what about the women of the east? In societies where women are treated as no more than possessions, can eastern women find their place in the Church of God? If that church is grounded in Jesus Christ, the answer is YES!

In the latest issue of Send! Magazine, a free publication of Gospel for Asia, there is a wonderful article about South Asian women reaching out to one another through women’s fellowship programs. You can read the article online in their digital copy of the magazine. In an effort to reach the goal described by James in Half the Church, women of the west should see women like the ones in this article as an example to follow. And we should pray for these brave women as they share God’s word in areas where it is not always safe to do so.

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