Wednesday Wonderings

Every Wednesday I’ll post a question related to books or reading. Just answer the question in the comments or post the link to your blog post where you copied the question and answered it.

Today’s question:
Who is your favorite fiction author?

My answer: Ted Dekker. He writes some of my favorite genres (fantasy and suspense/thriller) and has an amazing style.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderings”

  1. Did you read Ted Dekker’s TEA WITH HEZBOLLAH? It’s not a thriller, but it’s a very good read.

    My fave fiction author is probably J.K. Rowling as well.


  2. I haven’t read that one yet…. key word “yet.” I was going to say this one is on my TBR but I’m starting to think it’s not. I’m off to check (and add, if it’s not there).


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