Monday Mashup 4/25/11

This is the coolest kid’s bedroom ever!

Proof that we’ve become desensitized to violence: the School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 video game. Many commentors on this article are saying it’s a hoax, but no one has provided any sources to verify that and there is news footage everywhere of clips of the game. If anyone can provide proof that it’s a hoax let me know and I’ll say so in another post, but if this is true I think every parent should know about it.

Dozens of photos here from the Pacific battle of WWII. I think we should never forget these things. We should never forget the sacrifices of our military and the brave people who fight to defend our country.

This one is embedded. Carrie Underwood (with Vince Gill doing harmony) singing How Great Thou Art! This is probably the BEST Carrie Underwood has ever sounded.

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