Thursday Theology 4/14/11

I’m currently using to do some Bible study, and I decided to start with the basic classes so as to see everything the site has to offer. I’m a few lessons in and I last did “Learning More About God,” which is part of a series of classes instructed by Bill Mounce.

In this class Mounce lists God’s three major attributes as:

omnipresence = God is everywhere at all times
omniscience = God knows everything: past, present, and future
omnipotence = God has absolute power

These attributes together let us know that we serve a God that is in full control and has total knowledge and understanding of everything we do or go through.

My question today: Of these three attributes, which one gives you the best sense of peace and comfort? Hard to choose, right? But think it out for a minute and see if you can choose one.

I’ll post my answer later this evening.

My answer: I think His omnipotence is what gives me the most comfort. Knowing that He is in full control and that He can use every circumstance in my life for His will and purpose, which is always good, gives me great comfort.

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