Reclaiming My Greek!

About a year ago I was studying Greek. Not in a class, but on my own. I purchased a Greek grammar book and several other resources to help. I was doing very well, but as with any language it took a lot of time and it got harder and harder and I fell victim to discouragement. Especially since I was going it alone. I’ve been telling myself I need to pick it up again, but never did. But I’ve been re-inspired. Keep Your Greek has motivated me to reclaim my Greek (since you can’t keep what you no longer have). Last night I picked up my Greek grammar and started with chapter 1! I’m going back to the beginning. I may post an update here from time-to-time on how it’s going, where I’m struggling, etc. It may even help me work through it.

So this is my official proclamation…. I WILL learn Greek and I will KEEP it!

2 thoughts on “Reclaiming My Greek!”

  1. I studied Koine Greek in school and took it up again about thirteen years ago just like you, by picking up my Greek grammar. I’ve been reading the New Testament and the Septuagint ever since. It’s quite rewarding once you get over the hump. I would get a good interlinear NT to help out, and I would read John first, especially the Epistles. The vocabulary is relatively easy, but the meaning quite deep.


    1. Thanks. Everything I read says to start with John. I have to keep reminding myself why I’m learning this. I want a deeper understanding of God’s word. That’s the reward, and it’s a great one.


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