Book Reviews

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

     What image comes to mind when you hear the word “teenager?” A messy room with piles of clothes on the floor? A large group of kids at the mall? Or is it worse than that? Drugs? Teen pregnancy? Alex and Brett Harris believe this is all society sees, or thinks is possible, for its youth. The worst part? Many teenagers have come to believe it as well. The Harris brothers are out to change that.They’ve started a “rebelution.” A teenage rebellion against low expectations. And as this book shows, it’s catching on.

This book is undoubtedly meant for teenagers, and even pre-teens. It will inspire and encourage them to open themselves to all sorts of possibilities and begin  shaping their futures by doing hard things now. Alex and Brett are intelligent and inspiring young men.

I also urge adults to read this book, even though it is not speaking to adults. This book is a call to the youth of the world, but adults need to be there to encourage and support. Read the book, then give it to a teenager you know. Be ready to talk to them if they come to you with anything. You may even find inspiration to do your own hard things. I know I did.

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