The Day I Died by Steve Sjogren

The Day I Died is the story of Steve Sjogren’s death, and his life since he died. After a surgical accident, Steve was dead, but he came back with a message from God. God wanted Steve to change things about his life. This book discusses those changes, and encourages us to also make those changes, without having to die before we realize we should.

It’s a bit difficult to critique someone’s personal experience, especially when that experience involves dying. The only thing I feel like I can discuss is whether or nor this book met my expectations, and the answer is yes… and no. I was really expecting a lot about what Steve saw in the afterlife, but his situation wasn’t like that. He didn’t “crossover” in that way, you might say. The book is more about the changes he was called to make. It’s about Steve’s life, both before and after his death. Mostly after. It is a very interesting read.

This was book 2 in my 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge.

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