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Green by Ted Dekker

Green is Book Zero, both the final and first book of Ted Dekker’s Circle Series. This novel picks up with Thomas of Hunter and the Circle ten years after the events in the novel White. But now the Circle is breaking. The followers of Elyon have begun to doubt that Elyon will return for them as promised. Some doubt he ever really existed at all. To make matters worse, it is Samuel, Thomas’s own son, leading this turn from Elyon. Thomas must fight to keep the Circle together. Their hope lies in the Lost Books of History and making a way from the future world back to our world.

Ted Dekker, the author, says you can read Green as either the first or last book of the Circle series. I admit, I was doubtful. But I can now see how it works. The story does indeed come full circle. But I must also admit that I was left with a few questions. I am hoping these questions will be answered for me when I re-read the Circle series or the Paradise series. Or when I read the Lost Books series. Yes, they are all connected… in quite an amazing way. Despite the questions I was left with, and what I found to be a slow start as a new character was introduced, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. As usual, Dekker’s symbolism was beautiful. The mirror to the Christian faith is wonderful. And once the story really gets going, it’s a page-turner. If you love fantasy, this one is definitely for you. If you love symbolism, I strongly suggest this book. Another great novel from Ted Dekker.

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    I finally finished re-reading The Circle series. Here’s the review I wrote the first time I read it…. one of the first reviews I ever did. 🙂


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