Damascus Road

This post should be the first of many  (I will do my best) as I post my thoughts on daily readings from Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest.” Today’s devotional was based on Acts 26:16 – “I have appeared unto thee for this purpose…”

In these verses, Paul (who was Saul, who persecuted Christians) is telling of his exerience on the road to Damascus. He saw a vision of light from heaven and heard the voice of Jesus himself commanding him (Paul) to be “a minister and a witness” to the Gentiles that they might be saved by the good news of what Jesus did for us by dying on a cross and raising from the dead.

If only we could all have a Damascus road experience. It would make obeying God a lot easier. But God never promised our road would be easy. He did send us a helper: The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not only our comfortor when we call, but if we listen closely He will lead us on the path God has chosen for us. The only choice we are left with is to answer, “Yes, I will follow” or “No, I will go my own way.” Paul followed with all his heart, to the point of persecution. His total devotion to the person of Christ is what makes him a hero of the faith.

But the Holy Spirit can be subtle. We must learn to listen and distinguish our own thoughts from the voice of God. This takes time and a knowledge of God’s word. God has already told us what we need to know in scripture. It is up to us to read and study His Word so that when the Holy Spirit speaks to us, we will recognize it as God’s truth.

My prayer for today is that God will open my heart to be more discerning. I pray that when the Holy Spirit speaks, I am quick to recognize, listen and obey. I want nothing more than God’s will in my life.

1 thought on “Damascus Road”

  1. Thanks for this post. I think I had my Damascus experience when I lived abroad – in Shanghai, China. In a place where you’re supposed to be cut off from God, it was there that He spoke to me the clearest. That experience changed my life forever and I thank God for it.


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