Just a sinner…

I was going over some study notes, and I was reminded again of something that God shows us over and over again: He uses sinners for his work. Fathers of our faith and Bible heroes… they were sinners just like us. We sometimes put them up on a pedestal, “God chose them, they must be special,” but they were just like us. Abraham, Noah, Jonah, Jacob, Isaac, David, Solomon… all men of God who fell short in some way. Adultery disobedience, deceit. But God used them anyway. So why do we feel that we’re not good enough for God to use to do something wonderful? Why do people feel the need to “clean up their act” before they come to God? We are not perfect, we never were and we never will be (not on this earth). Human perfection died when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God. The only human in history who can claim to be perfect is the one who is God, come to this world in human flesh so that we might know him and he could take our place, and that is Jesus Christ. And I thank God for that path back to Him. If it weren’t for Jesus I would die just a sinner, but through Him I am a child of God, grafted into the vine.

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